My work stems from an interest in landscape and a type of mapping of place through the process of weaving or layering of imagery to create assemblages, large and small sculptural forms and collages. My work practice is open and process oriented with an interest in the tension between opposing forces – soft and hard, natural and industrial materials, traditional and non-traditional techniques and the movement between two and three dimensions.

Current Ideas within my work explore issues of female identity with a reframing of normative labelling and stereotypes. Other themes include surveillance and technology, homelessness and asylum, impermanence, death and loss. I am interested in ‘the tribe’ whether it is a group of football fans, a shared cultural heritage or a gender grouping.

I've completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (1st Class Honours) in Sculpture at RMIT University following a diploma of visual arts majoring in printmaking. I also hold a Masters of Arts from Griffith University, Queensland and a Diploma of Design from Philip Institute of Technology, Melbourne.

Due to Covid a few projects/exhibitions planned for 2020 are now rescheduled for 2021 including The Wollongong Acquisitive Sculpture Prize in the Botanical Gardens from 6 February to 14 March. Of Colour and Light, the 2020 Abstract Women's Art Biennial will be launched on 19 January and run until the end of February in the new West End Art Space Gallery in West Melbourne. The Basketmakers of Victoria exhibition Winnow and Distill showcasing the work of 25 members will run from 8 - 25 September in the new Tacit Gallery, Collingwood. Race and Culture may be rescheduled or reconfigured later in the year. 

Exhibitions in 2020 included The Wyndham Art Prize (8 May - 28 June) as a virtual exhibition and The Percival Portrait Painting Prize at Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville (22 May - 19 July) as a virtual exhibition. During the year I also received a Covid arts grant to make a new ambitious outdoor sculptural work that is progressing. 












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