Coming Back and Coming Back ... (17 - 28 January), Red Gallery, Victoria.

As part of a group show my work 'Ode to Pop' in honour of my late father made from cast paper with letters he and I wrote to each other will be exhibited. This exhibition explores our lived stories and our desire for finding meaning in the past, present and future.


TH_20180222_147 copy

Photograph by Theresa Harrison


Form & Philosophy, (17 - 28 January), McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, Victoria.

Members of the Association of Sculptors Victoria will be exhibiting almost 70 works in the Sarah and Baillieu Myer Pavilion. My offering is three new coiled forms made as part of a new body of work called 'The Muse' exploring the aging female body and the female form as both a vessel and landscape. 

MRS25781 copy 3

MRS25769 copy 3

The Muse (top image) and Blue Torso

Photographs by Matthew Stanton


Georges River Art Prize (27 October - 18 January), Hurstville Museum & Gallery, NSW.

A new coiled basket form 'The Hollow Head' is being shown in this art prize that includes paintings and sculptures. This work is part of a new series of works entitled 'The Muse' that celebrates the abstracted aging female form loosely inspired by the artist's own body.

Brett_Fleur_The Hollow Head copy

Photograph by Matthew Stanton



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