Remnant Series by Fleur Brett

Remnant Series  2019

Monoprint collages (drypoint etching & watercolour)

Editions 19, Tacit Gallery, Collingwood, Victoria

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Spanish Landscape by Fleur Brett

Spanish Landscape  2005

Collograph & stencil monoprint

Supergraph 2015, Royal Exhibition Blg

Companions # 1 by Fleur Brett

Companions # 1  2013

Aquatint and hard ground etching

Supergraph 2015, Royal Exhibition Blg

Prickly Pear monoprint by Fleur Brett

Prickly Pear monoprint  2004

Reduction lino print & monoprint

Kimberley Tracks by Fleur Brett

Kimberley Tracks  2012

Reduction lino print triptych

Birds by Fleur Brett

Birds  2012

2 colour woodblock print

Impressions 2012 Australian Print Workshop

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