Works    Sculptural Works

Ode to Pop by Fleur Brett

Ode to Pop  2019

Cast paper pulp, acrylic paint & crepe paper

The Spinster & Wonder(full)Woman by Fleur Brett

The Spinster & Wonder(full)Woman  2018

Woven crepe paper & carved wood

Fisher's Ghost Art Award 2018

The (un)Common Wombat by Fleur Brett

The (un)Common Wombat  2017

Wire, recycled yarn & plastic bags

Bay of Fires Art Prize 2017

Birth Right? by Fleur Brett

Birth Right?  2016

Yering Station & Yarra Valley Sculpture Award 2016

Mapping the non site wall piece by Fleur Brett

Mapping the non site wall piece  2009

woven data cable & wood bases

Mapping the non site - 2 plinths by Fleur Brett

Mapping the non site - 2 plinths  2009

Woven data cable on plinths

Brown paper #1 by Fleur Brett

Brown paper #1  2007

Unfolding floor piece by Fleur Brett

Unfolding floor piece  2008

Rubber carpet underlay and masonite

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