Works    Sculptural Works

Ode to Pop by Fleur Brett

Ode to Pop  2018

Cast paper pulp, acrylic paint & crepe paper

The Spinster & Wonder(full)Woman by Fleur Brett

The Spinster & Wonder(full)Woman  2018

Woven crepe paper & carved wood

Fisher's Ghost Art Award,27 October to 13 December

The (un)Common Wombat by Fleur Brett

The (un)Common Wombat  2017

Wire, recycled yarn & plastic bags

Bay of Fires Art Prize 2017 by Fleur Brett  2017

multi media work

plastic beads

Sleeping it off (Birth right?) by Fleur Brett

Sleeping it off (Birth right?)  2016

Woven data cable

Clearwater Sculpture Prize

Birth Right? by Fleur Brett

Birth Right?  2016

Sculpture Otherwise & Yering Station Art Exhibition

April/May & October 2016

Mapping the non site wall piece by Fleur Brett

Mapping the non site wall piece  2009

Mapping the non site - 2 plinths by Fleur Brett

Mapping the non site - 2 plinths  2009

Brown paper #1 by Fleur Brett

Brown paper #1  2007

Prickly Pear assemblage by Fleur Brett

Prickly Pear assemblage  2004

Printed laser cut perspex

30cm W x 30cm deep x 20 cm high (8 individual pieces)

Unfolding floor piece by Fleur Brett

Unfolding floor piece  2008

Rubber carpet underlay and masonite

250cm W (4 pieces x 59cm W) x 104cm Long

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