Works    Weavings & Basketmaking

The Fan Club by Fleur Brett

The Fan Club  2016

3 June - 6 August 2017

Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award

Moai by Fleur Brett

Moai  2016

Coiled woven form

ABL Exhibition, Collins Street, Melbourne

The Helper by Fleur Brett

The Helper  2016

Coiled woven form

Tribal # 1 (The Fan Club) by Fleur Brett

Tribal # 1 (The Fan Club)  2016

Footscray Art Prize

26 May - 24 June 2017

My Primitive Self by Fleur Brett

My Primitive Self  2015

Coiled basket form

The Woollahra small sculpture prize 2015

Madonna Assumpta and Child by Fleur Brett

Madonna Assumpta and Child  2014

Stitched basket out of women's clothing

Inspirati, Italy 29 August 2014

Cheese Baskets by Fleur Brett

Cheese Baskets  2014

Coiled stitched baskets

Inspirati, Italy 29 August 2014

Cheese basket beginning by Fleur Brett

Cheese basket beginning  2016

Coiled basket form

recycled cardboard & tapestry thread

Small tapestry & cartoon image by Fleur Brett

Small tapestry & cartoon image  2014


Jottings by Fleur Brett

Jottings  2014


Grass work weaving by Fleur Brett

Grass work weaving  2013


work in progress at Australian Tapestry Workshop

Mapping the Hawkesbury by Fleur Brett

Mapping the Hawkesbury  2008

Map knitted out of wool

53cm W x 53cm H

Ode to Turtledove by Fleur Brett

Ode to Turtledove  2013

abandoned nest, woven grapevine & grass

15cm x 36cm x 36cm

Shelter by Fleur Brett

Shelter  2012

Random weave grapevine

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